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Square Enix releases Android version of Final Fantasy III in Japan, US gets no love

March 13, 2012

Countless gamers consider Final Fantasy III to be one the best iterations in the FF series, while the readers of the influential Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu even voted FF3 as the eighth-best video game of all time. Unfortunately, it was also a game that took decades to make it to US shore, with Square Enix porting the game to Nintendo 3DS in 2006. The 3D remake of FF3 from the Nintendo 3DS was then ported over to iOS in 2011. And now, the vaunted Japanese video game house Square Enix has released the official Android version of Final Fantasy III, but only in its home country.

That’s right, folks. The Final Fantasy III Android port is only available in Japan for now. Following the limited release of another beloved classic, Chrono Trigger, exclusively to Japan, this is another slap on the face of the numerous Android gamers worldwide that are craving for some Square Enix RPG love. You can forget about looking for a workaround, because there’s no real app to tinker with in the first place. But never say never and all that. Who knows?

If all else fails, you can give emulators a try. Given how powerful Android machines have become in recent years, the average Android smartphone  is definitely more than suitable for powering games designed for decades-old consoles. Since there doesn’t seem to be a functional Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android (yet), you’re left with the NES and the Super NES emulators (SNESoid and NESoid come to mind). A quick check reveals that unofficial, localized versions of Final Fantasy III are available as ROMs for both Nintendo and Super NES systems.

If you are in the mood for some chunky and pixelated game visuals to remind you of the good ole days, check out our guide on emulators here. Otherwise, you can just stick with some nice free Android games. What do you prefer?