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Dive into databases with SQL for beginners

Get prepared for a new career dominating databases. You can pick up lessons in SQL and MySQL for just $13 now, saving 93%.
January 23, 2020
MySQL and SQL for Beginners

Everything we do creates mountains of data. Whether we’re grocery shopping or streaming music, the data we create is extremely valuable to companies all over the world, as are the people who know how to process it. You can get started in data and databases with the online MySQL and SQL for Beginners learning kit.

This beginner-friendly training covers 18 hours of content to provide you with a strong foundation in all things SQL. You’ll have the opportunity to start with the very basics of creating and updating databases. If you already have some experience you can skip the beginner lessons and focus on the more advanced aspects.

Learn how to create, query, and update databases.

After you’ve learned the basics of SQL and how it works as a database-managing language, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about MySQL, which is a free and widely-used database. From there you can learn how to use triggers and stored procedures to make life a little easier.

The holistic focus on databases and usage also introduces you to users and security so that you can have a well-rounded approach to learning.

SQL for Beginners at a glance:

  • Access 136 lectures and 18 hours of content any time you need them.
  • Learn how to create, query, and update databases.
  • Understand how transactions and database isolation levels work.
  • Use triggers, views, and stored procedures.
  • Understand database users and security.

The hundreds of modules in MySQL and SQL for Beginners have a retail value of $200, but right now you can grab them for just $13. There’s no time like a new decade to save over 90% and target a new data-driven career.

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