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Spy photo confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 announcement at MWC

Someone who doesn't want to be named took a photo of Samsung's booth at MWC before it opens up to the public. Guess what he saw there? The Note 8.0!
February 23, 2013

Someone who doesn’t want to name themselves for obvious reasons has taken a photo of Samsung’s booth at Mobile World Congress before it officially opens to the public. Smack dab in the middle of said booth is an ad for the Galaxy Note 8.0. The photo confirms everything we suspected about the device. It looks like a gigantic Galaxy S3, and it also appears to support phone calls, though we have to wait for some confirmation before saying that for sure.

What do we know about the Note 8.0 so far? The rumors, and we want to stress, these are just rumors, say the new tablet will have the same processor as the Galaxy S3, and that the screen will push 1280 x 800 pixels. Kind of “meh” considering that we’re going to see an epic amount of 1080p phones hit the market, but hey, we suspect the Note 8.0 will sell for less than 400 Euros. That’ll make it an extremely competitive product for people who aren’t exactly sure if they want to buy a new smartphone or buy their first tablet.

Are there going to be any other important tablets announced at the show? The rumor mill says Sony will show off a 6.44 inch 1080p phablet, which if true, will mean it’s going to be the most exciting device for large screen lovers until Samsung announces the third generation Note. That device is rumored to come out during the second half of the year and it’s supposed to have a 6.3 inch display.

Back to the Note 8.0, is it a tablet or is it a phone? Different people have different definitions, but for us there’s a very simply test: Can it fit in your pocket? If yes, it’s a phone, if not, it’s a tablet. Some of you guys have large pockets, we understand that, but we’re talking about normal (translation: not morbidly obese) people. This writer has a size 34 waist and likes to wear semi-skinny jeans. His second generation Note barely fits inside them.