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Spritz, the speed reading technology, will soon be available to Android app developers. Spritz Inc just announced it started shipping its free SDK to developers who’ve signed up for it over the past months.

Spritz breaks down text into single words, which it displays in a rectangle called “redicle” that’s designed to direct vision to a fixed point. Words are streamed at variable speed, allowing users to read without moving their eyes. Because moving eyeballs from side to side is the most time consuming part of conventional reading, “Spritzing” can be much faster. With training, you can read twice as fast with Spritz, or even more, claim its creators.

More detailsComing on the Gear 2, Spritz could make reading emails on a smartwatch a breeze

Besides speed, the other big benefit of Spritz is the fact that it allows reading lengthy text on very small displays, such as on smartwatches or Google Glass. Spritz Inc already demoed the tech on the Galaxy Gear and Glass, and, with the advent or Android Wear, more wearables could use it in the future.

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Spritz Inc will begin distributing the free SDK to the 25,000 developers on the waiting list starting today. Web devs get in first, followed by Android and iOS devs.

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