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Sprint continues it’s public assault against AT&T and Verizon by now telling rural wireless companies to “fight back” against a “duopoly [that] is taking over our country, America.

On Thursday, Sprint Chairman Masayoshi Son told members of the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) on a roaming alliance that would effectively expand the cellular coverage of both Sprint and CCA’s 100-odd members across the United States. Effectively, Sprint would help pay for the smaller carriers’ rollout of LTE and provide them with LTE-capable devices they can sell to customers.

Even with this overture, it seems that Sprint is simply turning on the public relations charm in an attempt to convince regulators to allow the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. The Federal Communications Commission though continues telling Sprint that they prefer four national wireless carriers, rather than three carriers.

The elimination a competitor simply means that we have less competition in the United States. With less competition, it’s likely that a combined T-Mobile and Sprint would start acting more like AT&T and Verizon, not less. Sprint already had a tendency to follow AT&T and Verizon’s lead on pricing and consumer friendly (or unfriendly) policies in recent years.

It should be noted that when AT&T and T-Mobile were trying to merge, Sprint had the following to say: “The wireless industry has sparked unprecedented levels of competition, innovation, job creation and investment for the American economy, all of which could be undone by this transaction.”