HTC EVO 4G for Sprint

Sprint said this morning that it’s opening day sales of the the HTC EVO 4G broke the previous records set by the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct.  The carrier also said that the 3 day sales total for the EVO were triple those put forth by the Instinct and Pre.  So it seems that in spite of the lack of WiMAX coverage in most of the country, people just can’t resist that massive 4.3-inch touchscreen display.


Our Todd Haselton did a full review on the EVO 4G and I posted it on yesterday afternoon. Not unexpectedly, he liked the device quite a bit, but was put off by the lack of 4G coverage in New York City, as well as by the phone’s poor battery life even when running only on 3G networks.

Todd said the following in his wrap-up of his HTC EVO 4G review:

I really love what the HTC EVO 4G has going for it. I applaud Sprint for launching the first 4G device, even if it can’t be fully utilized in one of the largest cities in the world. Its camera was a pleasure to use, the data speeds were on the slower side, but that didn’t seem to matter for most of my daily web surfing. Android 2.1 offers a ton of features that many cell phone owners will love, and HTC’s Sense gives it a beautiful finish.

Despite all of these good things it has going for it, I do have some gripes. For one, the 4.3-inch display is just a hair too big for me. I found myself turning back to the Verizon’s HTC Incredible, which has a smaller screen. While the screen is awesome for viewing websites and photos, it makes the device feel a little too bulky at times. That’s a minor complaint though, though anyone planing on purchasing the device should at least play with it ahead of time to make sure they’re comfortable with the sheer size.

Finally, I’m most put off by Sprint choosing to charge $10 extra per month for the EVO 4G’s data capability. It seems to be that should only be applied if you live in a 4G area, otherwise you’re paying a premium service for one you can’t use. Even if you do live in a 4G area, the extra burden on the battery might not make it worth using.