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Sprint's 4G LTE network might already be up and running, according to leak

April 18, 2012
sprint 4g

Even though we have known for a while that Sprint is planning to roll out its own 4G LTE network sometime this year, we didn’t suspect that the actual rollout is so advanced.

The freshest rumor on the matter comes from, in the form of a leaked image, supposedly coming from the “inside”, suggesting that Sprint’s Network Vision campaign is in the final stages of implementation in several major (and a couple not so major) American cities.

Akron, Atlanta, Chicago, Fort Worth, Nashville, New York, Rialto and Stockton are the lucky eight cities on this shortlist, with Sprint’s 4G LTE network being in the works since late last year. Out of the eight, there could actually be one or two cities with 4G LTE already up and running, as Nashville, for example, appears in the “ready for testing” section of this leaked image, with a time stamp of January 18th, 2012.

That’s three months back and, while I can’t say I know how these testing processes usually work, I think that Sprint had enough time to work out all the technical kinks and have the network fully functional by now.

Of course, there’s no way to know how accurate this rumor really is, but you should keep in mind that Sprint will be releasing its first ever 4G LTE phone next week. The LG Viper is the device selected to carry this honor, and it’s not impossible for Sprint to serve us on the 22nd with two announcements, the official launch of the Viper, as well as the first city (or maybe cities) to have an up and running 4G LTE network.

Bets are on, guys! Which of these eight cities do you think will be the lucky number one to feature Sprint’s all-new 4G LTE network? Hit us with a comment below and let us know! Also, I would love to hear from those of you who live in or around the areas suspected to have a taste of LTE soon. Will you be buying a Sprint 4G phone immediately after the release? And if so, will you be going for the LG Viper, the Galaxy Nexus, or the HTC EVO?