When Sprint made the announcement earlier in the week that it’s bringing its 4G LTE network to 100 cities, it was mentioned that Chicago – alongside Boston, New York, and Los Angeles – would be getting the high-speed Internet connection “in the coming months”.  A leaked internal document suggests that it’ll be arriving shortly on some lucky cities.

The memo reveals that Sprint will be turning on the LTE cell sites for a trial run in several areas in Boston and Chicago. In some places, the 4G LTE switch has already been turned on two days ago, such as Barnstable Town and Hyannis-Mid-Cape. Meanwhile, those in Waukegan/Lake County Illinois should be seeing those 4G bars this Saturday on September 15.

And as for the finale, Sprint will turn on its 4G LTE network for the rest of the Chicago and Boston markets on September 21.

Now, you may be able to get 4G LTE already in some of the areas named above. It’s worth giving it a go and see if you can get the signal. Since this isn’t an official launch yet, however, connection may still be patchy.

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Bams Sadewo
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