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Sprint announces Wi-Fi calling, initially limited to S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega

Today Sprint officially confirmed that it is introducing Wi-Fi calling support, though it will initially offer the service for the GS4 Mini and Galaxy Mega.
February 21, 2014
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Back in late January we first caught wind of a rumor suggesting that Sprint would soon be rolling out Wi-Fi calling support. Today Sprint officially confirmed the news, though it will initially offer the service for just two devices.

According to Sprint, an OTA update will enable Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy Mega and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini sometime in the “next few weeks”. While Wi-Fi calling will only be available for owners of the Mega and S4 Mini for now, Sprint says the feature will rollout to additional devices throughout the year.

So what’s the purpose of Wi-Fi calling? The most obvious benefit is that it allows you to call or text in areas where you have poor cellular reception, such as parts of your home or you office building. Another benefit for Wi-F calling is that it won’t take away from your normal minute text limits, though this isn’t a problem for those with unlimited call/text plans.

Bottom-line, Sprint’s new Wi-Fi calling could be perfect for those that live in areas with reasonably solid Sprint coverage but have problems in buildings and other areas where Wi-Fi can be used as a substitute. Any Sprint customers excited about Wi-Fi calling and texting, or is your voice coverage good enough as it is?