The latest (and hopefully greatest) Android OS version, 4.1 Jelly Bean, is only a couple of days old, but independent developers have already done a magnificent job of porting it to some of the most popular smartphones around.

The GSM Galaxy Nexus might not have needed any unofficial hacking work, as it was the first phone to get an official OTA update to Android 4.1, but the Verizon and Sprint versions did require some “illicit” activity to go down.

Fortunately, both models of the “pure Google phone” already have functional Jelly Bean ports and, if you’re into flashing custom ROMs, you can head over to the XDA Developers and ACSyndicate forums and install the firmware updates.

The port for Big Red’s Nexus comes courtesy of Team Liquid from XDA and it seems to be actually one of the most stable unofficial ROMs we’ve seen in a while. Although Team Liquid only had a couple of days to get the job done, they managed to get all of the phone’s main features to work beautifully and, as far as we can tell after browsing through the user comments, this is a fully functional port without any bugs or glitches whatsoever.

As for Sprint’s Nexus, that model itself has a pretty decent Jelly Bean port, but there are a few kinks that still need to be ironed out. Several users who’ve tried the firmware for size complain about LTE and MMS issues and there are even a couple of people who claim that they can’t flash the software package or that it makes their phones unexpectedly boot. Still, the port as a whole seems to be functional enough to be worth a try, so what are you guys waiting for?

We’re expecting to report on similar ports to be released for many other Android-based phones running ICS or Gingebread over the next few days, so, if you’re dying to take Jelly Bean for a quick spin, keep in touch with our website!

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