At the Sprint investor conference earlier today, CEO Dan Hesse confirmed that Sprint is throttling data speeds for the top 1 percent of users, not going to point any fingers, and he seems to feel strongly about those that abuse the unlimited data plans on the nations number three carrier:

For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off

Currently Sprint still maintains their mandatory unlimited data plan for all smartphones, CEO Dan Hesse did not make any hints or say anything about switching over to tiered data plans in the near future, but I am sure it’s coming since they now have the iPhone now and you see what happened to AT&T and Verizon once they got the iPhone.

Sprint later on said that this does not apply to postpaid accounts, which is most of us, so continue to use – or in some cases abuse – Sprint’s unlimited data plan.

Who thinks tiered data plans are next? Let us know in the comments.