In another move that’s sure to irritate at least a few folks, Sprint has effectively blocked the downloading of any tethering apps from the Android Market, in what seems to be a move to keep people from abusing their unlimited data plans. This follows in the footsteps of the other major US Carriers, who have also blocked tethering apps in the Android Market.

The apps are still working, in case you think that your WiFi tether app that you downloaded last month will no longer work, as it will. But these tethering apps are still available to download via sideloading. Looks like Sprint is hoping this will help a little bit with the current network issues they are experiencing since getting the iPhone 4S, but making it harder for its customers to tether will certainly not help them in keeping customers.

It is the opinion of some people that it’s the users that are tethering on an unlimited data plan, as well as the iPhone users, that are responsible for Verizon and AT&T axing unlimited data for us smartphone users. To be frank – this really sucks, I wish I could have unlimited 4G speeds, but nope, its only 2GB of data per month. If you are wanting to tether, do us all a favor and just sign up for the tethered data plan.

Any thoughts on this?