Sprint Store

Due to their continued bad wireless coverage and speeds, Sprint is desperate for a plan to attract new users. While they recently reported a profit, they are also reported more subscriber losses during the 2Q of 2014.

After the subscriber losses, Sprint specifically mentioned price cuts and plan changes as possible moves in the future.

Now, Sprint is soon to offer a $12-a-month plan that allows subscribers to connect ONLY to Facebook. They also will soon offer a plan for the same price which allows subscribers to connect ONLY to Twitter. For an additional $5, subscribers would get unlimited streaming of a music app of their choice.

The plan will be offered under Virgin Mobile prepaid service. Sprint is calling the plan ‘Virgin Mobile Custom’ which they claim is aimed at giving customers ‘more choices.’ Sprint also claims that more apps will be added in the future and that they are not being paid by any of the included applications.

Virgin Mobile Prepaid

The new plan is only available at Wal-Mart and offers just 20 minutes of talk time and 20 texts although subscribers can change the plan to include unlimited talk or text.

“Each line starts at $6.98 a month. Unlimited service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest costs another $5, or another $15 for all four. The service also includes a feature that allows parents to restrict which apps children can use on the phones.” – Wall Street Journal