Sprint has a new idea: remote-controlled drones.

Sprint has begun selling two “Parrot Minidrones” via online sales that will be available in Sprint stores beginning August 15:

  1. Rolling Spider for $99.99 (comes in red, blue and white)
  2. Jumping Sumo for $159.99 (comes in black/red, white/black, and khaki/yellow)


Customers can pilot either drone with a select smartphone or tablet through the “Free Flight 3” app on iOS or Android. The drones do fly (as Jeremy Keeney correctly points out).

ps_rolling_spider Sprint Newsroom

As FierceWireless notes:

The Rolling Spider drone mimics users’ movements and can be equipped with two ultralight wheels. The gadget also has a 60fps vertical camera that helps stabilize it and take photos that are then recorded onto a 1 GB flash memory drive.

Jumping Sumo is more of a bulkier rover and can take turns at 90 degrees and make jumps up to 80 cm (31.5 inches) in height and length. The drone has a wide-angle camera that can take pictures and videos, which can be stored on a micro-USB stick or streamed live on the screen of the screen of the smartphone or tablet controlling the drone.