We’ve talked for a number of times about the new purple variant of the Galaxy S3 that Sprint is reportedly preparing to introduce, the last of which when we brought to your attention the first rendering of the handset.

Bringing some closure to the rumors is Samsung, which has finally confirmed the existence of the smartphone in its new clothing.

Meet the latest member in Sprint’s Galaxy S3 family – the amethyst variant. I had to Wiki it (shame on me, I know), but amethyst refers to a deeper shade of purple. Only the front part of the phone is visible on the website, but it looks like the aforementioned render was spot on, as you can see below.



Now that the purple Galaxy S3 (SPH-L710ZPBSPR) is out in the open, we should be hearing an announcement from Sprint about the phone’s availability soon. As expected, there’s really nothing new in the specs department, so it’s a purely cosmetic makeover.

Are you a fan of the new color? Looking forward to get the phone from Sprint? Drop your comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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