Even with the impending arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in stores, Sprint is still pushing for the Galaxy S3 and its unlimited LTE offer. The carrier has just unleashed the latest commercial for last year’s flagship Galaxy S phone.

The new ad seems to tie in nicely to March Madness, as it features folks shooting hoops. By folks we don’t mean professional basketball players, but the star of the ad is one little boy who’s showing off his pretty amazing talent of making trick shots around the house and on the court.


As he puts the ball in the basket, the dad captures everything on video, the footage of which we then see being shared from the Galaxy S3 to other devices via S Beam and AllShare. Hit the play button on the embedded video to see it in action.

Has the commercial inspired you to grab the S3? RadioShack is currently selling the handset for $49.99 with a new contract, though you won’t find the new purple variant as it’s yet to be officially introduced.

Bams Sadewo
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