Though it seemed that Sprint customers were going to see Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for their Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G customers last week, the update is finally being rolled out today via an over the air update.

The update brings new and improved features such as easier management of widgets, the ability to send photos with Android Beam, and improved search powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph. Voice search is now faster and according to Sprint, feels more natural. The notification system has received a major upgrade, allowing for making calls and viewing the Gmail inbox directly from the notification bar.

Sprint makes a point of mentioning improved accessibility features. Gesture Mode, which combines touch and speech, has received improvements that make it much more useful for visually impaired users. Additionally, with Jelly Bean, users are now able to connect Braille input devices using either Bluetooth or USB.

Since the update is over-the-air, Samsung Kies is not neccesary for the upgrade. Sprint says the update will download automatically as soon as your device is eligible. If you choose not to install the update immediately, you will be reminded daily until the upgrade is complete.

The process is apparently being staggered, so not all customers may see the update right away, though some users apparently received the update as early as last week. If you haven’t seen a notification yet, be patient – it’s on the way.