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Sprint responds to US Justice Department's request that FCC delay the Softbank merger

Sprint responds to US Justice Department's request to FCC to temporarily halt Sprint merger with Softbank.
January 29, 2013
It seems like everybody is against the Sprint and Softbank merger. Earlier this month, Dish Network filed a request with the FCC to block the merger so they could take another stab at buying Clearwire. Now, the US Justice Department has filed a similar request to delay it.

According to Bloomberg’s Crayton Harrison & Todd Shields, the US Department of Justice asked the FCC to put a hold on the merger. This is so the FBI and other agencies can go over it for the purpose of national security.

So this isn’t a request to block the merger entirely. It’s just the various federal law enforcement agencies going over it to make sure everything is all good. So fans of the merger need not worry, it’ll just take longer than planned.

Sprint has responded to the request to delay letting everyone know that there is nothing to worry about. As they state, this is a routine delay when dealing with mergers. So this likely won’t be a permanent thing.

Is this going to affect Dish’s attempts to grab up Clearwire from Sprint?

It’s no secet that Dish is after Clearwire just like Sprint is. While Dish has offered more money for Clearwire than Sprint, Clearwire has already all but struck a deal with Sprint. It sounds like a little bit like high school drama, but whoever gets Clearwire could do some serious business in the mobile market.

This delay in the merger could work in Dish’s favor. If they can pull Clearwire away from Sprint, then Dish could use that to start their own network, like they’ve been planning. Does anyone think it’s only a matter of time before Clearwire goes with Dish?