While the special deals and discounts on apps and games don’t seem to lose traction even with Christmas officially over, the price cuts on Android devices have been rather slim and stingy this holiday season.

But the holiday season is not completely over yet, so we’re glad to see Sprint holding a very original and lucrative sale. The number three carrier in the States is taking $100 off any 4G LTE enabled tablet for all new customers who choose to buy an on-contract smartphone until January 10.

I know that some of you might see this deal as an attempt from Sprint to shove up people’s throats products that they don’t really need, but the fact of the matter is that if there’s anyone who fancies getting both a phone and a tab right now this is definitely the best way to do it.

On the other hand, if you don’t need or want an LTE slate really badly you should probably forget about it, because you’ll still pay big bucks through this promotion.


How big? Well, let’s see. And we’ll start with the smartphones eligible for the promo. Which are basically all of the handhelds currently being sold by Sprint with two-year contracts, starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 or LG Optimus G and including any device available for free.

So, you can get off without paying a dime for the phone, but the tablet is a whole different thing. The cheapest LTE slate on Sprint is the OG Motorola Xoom, going for $499.99 (after the discount). An extra 50 bucks will get you the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, another slightly dated, but still far snappier gadget than the Xoom (though it still runs Android 4.0 ICS).

The only other devices part of the promo are Apple’s iPad Mini and fourth-gen 9.7-inch iPad, but you know very well we don’t care too much about iDevices. Oh, all right, purely for informative reasons know that the Mini starts at $359.99 after the discount, while the Retina Display iPad is $529.99 and up.

One other financial-related thing – Sprint still has tablet data plans available for as less as $10 a month, so all in all this might be a promotional offer worth taking advantage of. You have almost two weeks to decide, but the clock is ticking.