Sprint recently announced that it will be changed its terms. Because of this, several users were trying to find a way to get out of their contracts early. When Sprint heard of this, they decided to keep their ‘upgrade eligible’ customers from leaving their service. One way to do this is to offer discounts between $25, $50 and even $100 to their loyal subscribers.

With regards to the criteria of eligibility for the offer, no clear information has been released by Sprint. But we’re quite pleased that Sprint decided to offer this, especially with their loyal Android smartphone subscribers. Meanwhile, customers who do not have any plans on leaving can cash in on the new promo. When this is combined with their existing upgrade, they can have a substantial discount on a new device.

The new Sprint offer is available from Feb. 5 until March 18. If you are planning to lock yourself with Sprint for another couple of years, then this is a great deal to catch.


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