Fans await the Samsung Galaxy S8 as companies all over the world get ready for tomorrow’s triumphant launch. It is all but guaranteed to be one of the year’s best sellers. It is also guaranteed to not be cheap, though, which means finding the right deals is a must if you need to keep your wallet healthy.

Those looking to get a couple Samsung Galaxy S8 handsets might find going with Sprint could be the best bet. The carrier is offering a BOGO deal in which users can get two devices for the price of one (with a new line activation). This means one can lease two Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones for $31.25 a month.

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You can also make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends by signing up for Galaxy Forever, making it possible to upgrade to the latest Galaxy handset any time after 12 lease payments.

This offer is available for both new and existing customers from April 21st to April 27th, which means taking advantage of the deal will require quick action. Are you signing up? Sprint may not have the best network, but it is pretty reliable in most major markets and they do offer a great value. The unlimited plan starts at $50 for a single line.

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