Several sources have tipped off Pocketnow with evidence suggesting that the HTC Kingdom just might come to Sprint as the mobile carrier’s sequel to the HTC Hero, which was the first device with HTC Sense to arrive in the U.S. According to sources, Sprint might rebrand the HTC Kingdom as the HTC Hero 4G.

Compared to the first HTC Hero, this rumored newcomer is expected to sport a 1.2-GHz processor. The original HTC Hero only had a 528-MHz processor and Android 1.5 Cupcake. Will Sprint’s HTC Hero 4G come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread? The sources don’t say yet, although it is a very likely possibility.

The HTC Hero 4G has already been spotted passing through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently, and the filings appear to confirm its Sprint destination because of the CDMA and WiMax radios onboard. The FCC filings for the device also confirm rumors about the HTC Hero 4G’s having a qHD-resolution display.

That HTC has been busy in its labs with the HTC Kingdom / HTC Hero 4G is already common knowledge among those up-to-date with the latest buzz, but the latest info from Pocketnow brings us closer to what might potentially be Sprint’s official rebrand of the HTC Kingdom.

A fairly reasonable target release date for the HTC Hero 4G would be some time in summer. It may even be a few dollars cheaper–perhaps US$50 lower–than Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D.

If the HTC EVO 3D’s abilities are too fabulous and too glamorous for you, the HTC Hero 4G just might pique your interest.

Anyone holding out for a Hero?

Image credit: Pocketnow