Apparently, the cell phone industry is now trying their best to tap into the emerging market of… 5-year-olds? On Friday, Sprint introduced the WeGo, which is a cellphone that is designed for kids from the age of 5 to 12.

The design of the phone is straightforward. There is one button on the front for making calls, two buttons on the side for scrolling up or down through approved contacts, and a “ring on a string” which the child can pull if they feel like they are in trouble. Once the child pulls this string, the phone sounds an alarm and immediately sends the parent a text. When the parent calls the child back, the phone’s microphone and camera are immediately activated.

If your 5-year-old is in a car that is going above the speed limit? The parents of the child will know automatically! An accelerometer in the phone can even let you know if he’s gotten out of bed in time for school. It also allows a parent to set up “geofences” in multiple locations and get text alerts when your child enters or leaves one.


The phone costs $120 plus $10 a month for 1,000 minutes of talking and 1,000 texts. Because there’s no keyboard or keypad on the device, the text messages are limited to 50 preset phrases like “I’m at home,” “I need a ride,” or “Call me, please.”

This is not the first time that children have been targeted specifically by carriers. Several years ago, Verizon introduced the Firefly Mobile. Later, Verizon offered the LG Migo, a similarly basic and colorful handset.