You know how we told you that the U.S. Jelly Bean update for the local Galaxy S3 versions may be less exciting for some carriers? And that Sprint’s Galaxy S3 version will be updated at some point this year? Well it turns out that Sprint is indeed ready to let its Galaxy S3 buyers upgrade their handsets to Android 4.1.

The leaked screenshot above reveals that the Jelly Bean update (version L710VPALK7) for Sprint’s Galaxy S3 (SPHL710) will begin Thursday, October 25 and according to the instructions above, it will be rolled over the air (OTA).

In addition to Jelly Bean, Sprint Galaxy S3 users will also get other “enhancements” such as “LTE system selection improvements” and “Exchange interaction improvements (manual sync will try to send items in outbox if initial send failure.)

Of course, we also noticed right on top of that document that “all dates are subject to change,” so we won’t act surprised in case come tomorrow, you won’t receive a notification to upgrade your handset to Jelly Bean.

As for other U.S. carriers selling the handset, we have no Jelly Bean-related leaks at this time, so we have no idea if it’s coming in the coming weeks/months or  in early 2013.

In case the Sprint update does arrive tomorrow, let us know how it all went for you.