Some of those Sprint customers that are already rocking a Galaxy Note 2 may not have the multi-window feature enabled on their shiny new phablet – an issue spotted with other Galaxy Note 2 as well, but an issue that can be fixed with an update.

And Sprint has just such an update available for you at this time, software version L900VPALJC that fixes various issues and enables the expected feature. Here’s the changelog of this update, as posted by Sprint:

Samsung Galaxy Note II Software Update – L900VPALJC


  • GPS lock settings can be defaulted by corporate device administrators
  • Emails go to Outbox when in no coverage area or airplane mode
  • Text message notification will beep while in a voice call
  • Multi Window View feature to run two apps on the screen at the same time

But don’t expect any miracles! We’re not looking at Android 4.2 Jelly Bean here, and it’s too early to talk about anyway given that Android 4.2 is not even out yet for current Nexus devices.

Instead it’s a minor update that will improve your Galaxy Note 2 experience. Did you get it already?

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