I guess you don’t need to get to excited about this since it still doesn’t give any information about when Sprint will be releasing their Galaxy Nexus. We already know it’s going to work on Sprint’s LTE network which will be launching around mid-2012, which by our guess the Sprint Galaxy Nexus won’t be in our hands until June at the earliest unless they release it early.

We all know what the Galaxy Nexus has right? Well just in case let’s remind you of everything the Galaxy Nexus features. The Galaxy Nexus has a 720p, 4.65-inch display, running on a 1.2GHz dual core processor (although the Sprint Galaxy Nexus has been rumored to have a bumped up 1.5GHz dual core), with a 5mp camera on the back and a 1.3mp on the front, oh and the most important part, it’s running Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sprint has confirmed it will be offering the 32GB version to consumers, I wonder why our CDMA carriers haven’t been carrying the 16GB versions for those of who don’t need 32GB and like to pay less, since the 16GB is cheaper. Hit up the comments and give your prediction for when Sprint will release it’s Galaxy Nexus, we know that everybody is excited about it. So hit the source link below and sign up so you can get all the latest information about the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. No word yet on the Galaxy Nexus coming to T-Mobile or AT&T.