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Sprint Framily Plan wants you to bring friends to your family: keep unlimited plan, save money

Sprint has launched a new Framily Plan that allows up to ten subscribers to group under the same plan in order for each of them to save money on monthly bills while still getting unlimited features.
January 7, 2014
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Sprint on Tuesday unveiled an interesting new plan that will allow users to recruit more members for their family plans in order for each member of the plan to save on their monthly bills, while getting to keep unlimited data.

Called the Framily Plan, the new plan will let subscribers group up to 10 lines under a single plan – all billed separately if they’re only friends – to lower carrier bills. And you can invite anybody, the carrier says:

Your yoga teacher. Your favorite barista. Your fantasy football team. Parents on your son’s soccer team. Your BFF since high school. Your cube mate. Your parents. A group of family, friends and others you can now call “framily.”

The Framily Plan starts at $55 per month, per line, which offers unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. Each additional member of the Framily will bring the plan’s cost down by $5, although the monthly discount can’t be bigger than $30 per line – therefore you’d need six friends in your Framily to pay just $25 per month for the aformentioned features.

In case you want unlimited data for every line, each member will have to pay an additional $20 per month per line, which is still a great deal for groups of over seven people that would end up paying $45 per month each, not counting taxes and surcharges. Each Framily member will be able to further customize his or her plan on top of the agreed monthly minimum fee, and can get a new phone every year, Sprint says.

The Framily plan will be available to all Sprint customers, including existing ones, starting with January 10. However, existing subscribers that have purchased a subsidized handset with a Sprint plan will have to pay an additional $15 per month until their current contract expires when joining a new Framily. The carrier will waive the $15 per month fee for customers that purchased a phone before January 10, although the promotion will be available only for a limited plan.

What do you think about Sprint’s latest initiative? Are you starting your own Framily?