If you have already marked August 29 on your calendar for Samsung’s unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S II variants for U.S. mobile carriers, you might want to mark September 9, too. Word has reached SprintFeed‘s ears that said Sprint’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II will be hitting stores on September 9.

The tip’s source also said that Sprint’s rebrand of the Galaxy S II will be the Samsung Epic Touch 4G–not the Samsung Galaxy Within as speculated earlier, or the Samsung Epic 4G Touch mentioned by other reports.

Considering that no rumored dates have been thrown around for Verizon Wireless’ and AT&T’s Galaxy S II variants, Sprint’s Samsung Epic Touch 4G will beat T-Mobile’s version, said to be released as the Samsung Hercules on October 26 along with the HTC Ruby (a.k.a., the HTC Amaze 4G).

The current rumor for Verizon’s variant, reported to carry the rebranded name Samsung Galaxy Function, is that Verizon will be the first to release the Samsung Galaxy S II on its network ahead of other carriers. Earlier reports suggested an August 12 release date on Verizon, but since no Galaxy S II has been sighted on Verizon yet, we can guess that the carrier will be releasing its variant any time before September 9–that is, if SprintFeed‘s intel about a September 9 for Sprint is true.

Can you already feel the excitement coming this September and October?

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