Although traditionally Black Friday sales happen on Fridays (duh!), it has become a custom for retailers to try to kick off the deals earlier so as to get better media coverage and more attention from compulsive shoppers.

We should therefore not be very surprised that Sprint has announced this year’s Black Friday deals on a Wednesday and that they will be live starting tomorrow, November 22, which just happens to be a Thursday (and Thanksgiving).

The actual special offers don’t provide any shockers either, as they’ve been spot-on leaked last week. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 opens the ceremonies with a predictable price slashing from $200 to just $50.

The promotional price is of course valid only with a two-year carrier agreement and could also include some sort of a rebate, though that’s yet to be confirmed. The S3 is no longer the snappiest Android smartphone around, being beaten to the punch by a couple of new guys, but it’s definitely still worth those 50 bucks if you don’t mind tying yourselves up to a lengthy Sprint contract.

Another couple of Samsung devices are also part of Sprint’s sales, going for free with two-year agreements. The good ol’ Galaxy Nexus and the newer Galaxy Victory 4G will have you pay $50 upfront, money that you’ll then get back via mail-in rebates.

All three phones are set to be on sale for the promotional prices both on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, while only the Nexus and Victory will remain available for free also on Saturday and Sunday, 24 and 25 November.

In addition to these deals, Sprint is heavily advertising two other special offers, which aren’t Black Friday exclusives, but are definitely in the same spirit. The LG Viper LTE and Optimus Elite are both up for grabs for free with no rebates or other special conditions.

Are these Black Friday deals generous enough to make you forget your turkey in the oven and go stand in line at the local Sprint store? Did you expect something better? Bigger discounts? More phones on sale? Better phones?

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