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Sprint and Best Buy team up to offer students an entire year of free cellphone service

For a limited time, Sprint and Best Buy are running a special promotion that will give students an entire year of free phone service.
November 18, 2013
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Best Buy and Sprint have teamed up to offer what is possibly one of the most enticing student discount offers we’ve ever heard of: a full year of unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data away to any student, regardless of whether they are in elementary school or college. For those looking for more data, you can even choose to pay an extra $10 for unlimited access.

The “Best Buy Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion” sounds amazing, but (not shockingly) there is a bit of a catch. To qualify for the promo you’ll have to prove you are a student and pay “student activated” pricing for a handset, which means buying it all full cost plus a $36 activation fee.

As an example, the Nexus 5 would cost you $449.98 outright plus $36 and any other taxes/fees. While the total cost may vary, for sake of argument let’s say you end up paying $550 for a Nexus 5, that’s the equivalent of paying $45.83 a month for a Sprint plan that’s valued at $70.

As you can see, buying the handset outright is still more than worth it when you consider how much you’ll end up saving over the course of the year. What happens when the year is up? Basically you can keep on using Sprint, or you can walk away since you already own the handset without contract.

If you want more “free” service time, Sprint is also offering a referral program that will give you an additional year of free service if you add a new paid line to the same account, which could be useful for families.

What do you think, any students (or parents) enticed by this offer?