LG Optimus G

The LG Optimus G might have only landed in Europe last month, but it has been available in Asia and North America ever since last fall. And it had everything the competition didn’t. Except for Jelly Bean.

And if you weren’t that bugged about the outdated software at the time of G’s release, you certainly saw your frustration growing and growing and growing over the following months. But the torment is finally over… at least for Sprint users.

The carrier (or LG) was reported to be sending out rivers of JB butter starting a couple of weeks ago, but the upgrade has only been made official yesterday. Oddly, the Sprint community page where the software bump was detailed is currently down. Still, we don’t think that has anything to do with a last-minute cancelation.


Therefore, if you’re still struggling with the OG Ice Cream Sandwich, now is probably a good time to ensure you have a strong active Wi-Fi connection and enough storage space to go around. You’ll want to swing by the Settings – About Phone menus too, and if you still don’t get a prompt message over-the-air, you’re out of luck.

But just for the moment, because Sprint has apparently announced the software package will take up to ten days to spread around to everybody.

Weighing in at a hefty 474 MB, the update will bump up your OS to Android 4.1.2, build number LS970ZVA. We don’t have to tell you how massive the upgrade is, as it’s going to change basically everything about your software, from the UI to the overall speed and performance.

You’ll be getting Project Butter, Google Now, expandable, actionable notifications, Android Beam, loads of bug fixes, as well as enhancements to the QSlide function. Oh, yeah, and brand new features and apps like Privacy Keeper, Quiet Time and Safety Care. Pretty awesome, right?