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Spotted: LG Optimus G2 or Nexus 5? Or something entirely different?

An image showing an unannounced LG smartphone has hit the web, with speculation suggesting it could be a future LG smartphone like the rumored Optimus G2 or the Nexus 5.
May 5, 2013
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An image showing an unannounced LG device has hit the web, with speculation suggesting we could be looking at an early version of LG’s upcoming Optimus G2 flagship, or even at the next-gen Nexus 5.

Before we dive into it, we’ll tell you from the start that this image is yet to be confirmed, and we can only guess on the kind of the device it shows. So take it with the appropriate amount of salt, like you would do with any other leaked image or new rumor.

The following picture has been provided by renown leakster @evleaks, who has offered various similar images in the past, most of them rather accurate. After posting some images allegedly showing the AT&T version of the Google X Phone, the same person posted this picture on Facebook, without revealing more details about the device:


Based on recent rumors and reports on upcoming LG devices, the most likely LG candidates for this handset are the Optimus G2 or the Nexus 5.

A few days ago, an unknown device has been spotted with the Bluetooth SIG, and variations of it have been discovered in purported AnTuTu benchmark results. At the time, it was suggested that we were looking at the first Optimus G2 traces, and that some versions of the handset would pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and we even wondered whether an Optimus G2-like Nexus 5 isn’t also in the works. After all, since the Optimus G and Nexus 4 are almost twin brothers, why shouldn’t LG and Google continue the partnership this year and launch two similar Optimus G2 and Nexus 5, respectively?

A different Korea-based story said earlier this week that Google and LG could be partnering up on various upcoming devices, including a new Nexus handset – supposedly the Nexus 5. Furthermore, LG has been named as the potential maker for the next Nexus smartphone since the beginning of the year, but we never moved past the rumor phase.

From a different point of view, considering that LG’s most recent flagship device (the LG Optimus G Pro) has been just announced in the U.S., the device in the picture above is likely a future handset, one that we shouldn’t expect to hit stores that soon. We would expect the Optimus G2 and/or the Nexus 5 (no matter who makes it) – or any other flagship LG device – to hit stores in the fourth quarter of the year.

Is it the Optimus G2? Is it the Nexus 5? Is it something entirely different? It’s too early to tell, but there certainly are some interesting details to mention, assuming that we’re looking at an actual LG device here.


First off, this unconfirmed LG handset comes without any hardware buttons on the front, features a small bezel and a prominent LG logo on the front, in a place you wouldn’t expect it to see especially on a future Nexus 5 handset. The volume keys can’t be spotted either, although you would expect to see them either on the left or right side of the handset.

We’re also looking at a different speaker grill, a different sensor placement and what looks like a taller screen. The Droid Guy has done some measuring based on that USB charging cord and estimated that we’re looking at a device that measures 5 x 2.5 inches with a 5.5-inch viewable area.

Would the Optimus G2 sport a screen as big as the current Optimus G Pro? While it would make some sense to see the Nexus 5 sport a 5-inch display – because that would make the fifth-generation Nexus also pack a 5-inch screen, which happens to be a popular size for 2013 flagship Android smartphones – would Google go beyond 5 inches? After all, just recently, we’ve learned that Motorola’s upcoming handsets would be “just right” when it comes to size, so it would be certainly interesting to see a bigger Nexus come out.

Image Credit: The Droid Guy

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