Spotify is the premier online music streaming app available across all platforms, giving users access to all their favorite music, at home or on the go. But, it has not been without issues, especially for its Android users.

The Android app was last updated in November 2011 and the app is still quite unstable. Spotify’s customer support forums are full of complaints about offline access, playlist syncing, and an outdated user interface. The current app also doesn’t officially support Android 4.0 and, as such, running the app on an ICS device requires users to put up with a wide range of bugs and glitches, with the app crashing more often than not. With the ICS update rollout slowly building up speed, and the slew of Android 4.0 phones and tablets set to enter the market, this is definitely going to be a big issue for Spotify.

Well, it seems a solution is soon going to be at hand if a report by The Verge is accurate. Apparently, Spotify is in the process of releasing a “major” update that will hopefully address all the complaints about the app, and will, more than likely, provide the long awaited Android 4.0 support. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly what this “major” update is going to fix or even when it will be released, but we can assume that it will target all major issues that users have been raising about the Spotify Android app.

Spotify is still one of the best online music-streaming apps around, but with the slow rise of of apps like Rdio, Songza and MOG (rumored to be bought by HTC and Beats Audio), the developers behind Spotify will need to put in a lot of effort to ensure that the music app stays ahead of the fast-growing pack. Hopefully, this “major” update is a step in the right direction.