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Spotify introduces free streaming on smartphones (but only in shuffle mode), adds Led Zeppelin to its library

Spotify has introduced free streaming on smartphones, on demand listening on tablets, launched in 20 more markets, and added Led Zeppelin to its library, in a whirlwind of announcements. Read on for more!
December 11, 2013

In a big day of announcements for the company, Spotify announced quite a few new features on mobile devices as it looks to expand its business.

The first piece of good news comes to smartphone users, as Spotify has introduced free streaming of artists and playlists for Android smartphones and iPhones, but only in shuffle mode. What this means is that users who’ve yet to subscribe to Spotify Premium can search up artists and then play the artist’s music (along with some suggested tracks and an ad here or there) in shuffle mode with six skips per hour. It’s not quite on demand, and it’s basically a more finetuned version of the already free radio feature on Spotify, but it’s free, so there’s not a whole lot to complain about.

On tablets the news is even better, as Spotify is offering a free on demand listening experience supported by ads. If only Spotify bothered to make a redesigned app for Android tablets.

Spotify has also launched in 20 new markets, which are mostly located in South America and Europe. You can follow the source link at the bottom of this article to see whether your country is now on the list.

Led Zeppelin is now available on demand, only on @Spotify. Play now: #StreamZeppelin
— Led Zeppelin (@ledzeppelin) December 11, 2013

The final piece of news will come as music to your ears (get it?), as Led Zeppelin has been added to the Spotify library. For now only Led Zeppelin I and II are available, but the rest of the bands albums will be added throughout the week. This is a huge coup for Spotify, as Led Zeppelin’s albums aren’t available on its major competitors Play Music All Access, iTunes Radio and Rdio.

These additions to Spotify make it an even more appealing music streaming solution, however, we can’t help but ask the question, Spotify. When are you going to support the Chromecast?