When it comes to music streaming, Spotify has quickly become a major player. With Spotify, you can look and choose from an extensive list of songs and can even get unlimited add-free music streaming for $9.99 a month – with the option to download your library for offline listening.

Spotify has continued to evolve over the course of the years, adding improvements to its mobile apps and increasing its market presence to places like the U.S. along the way. The newest market for Spotify may soon be Canada, and even Asia and South America shortly after, at least according to recently published annual accounts from the company.

The reports say that the Canadian launch is already planned, though they also are considering expanding into other areas like Asia and South America. This falls in line with the fact that Spotify has already established subsidiaries in Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong, even though its service isn’t available in any of these markets.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any details about when Canadian consumers will get access to Spotify, but it seems likely that it will happen sometime before the year is up. As for the other markets mentioned, things are less clear with Spotify simply mentioning its desire to expand in the area. More than likely this expansion beyond Canada won’t occur until sometime in 2013. This is just a semi-educated guess, so take it with a grain of salt.

For those in a current market for Spotify, what do you think? Any Canadian readers interested in getting their hands on Spotify when it launches in their area?

Andrew Grush
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