spotify app update

Since Google announced its Spotify competitor, Play Music All Access, the guys at Spotify have been working overtime to ensure that it doesn’t lose customers. A few weeks ago we finally got landscape mode for the Android app, and today Spotify brought the long awaited notification controls for Jelly Bean devices.

Now you can quickly pause, skip, or go back to the track that you we’re listening to. You can also quickly add a song to a playlist, perfect for when you’re listening to the radio, and it also allows you to quickly close the application from the notification panel as well.

Spotify notification controls 1 (2)

The new update also improves radio performance, fixes a bug which could cause white screens, and fixes the Facebook login issues.

It’s good to see Spotify take its Android users seriously after neglecting them for so long by withholding features that should be standard. With the additions in recent weeks, Spotify has improved upon an already impressive service, which will maintain its lead in the streaming services market, at least until All Access hits the rest of the world.

Spotify notification controls 2 (2)

Note that this is another one of those staged rollouts (we feel your pain), so if you don’t see the update in the Google Play Store rest assured that its coming.

Is Spotify still king of music streaming? Or has Play Music All Access taken its crown?

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