Sharing your opinion of a sport, whether bad or good, is every sports fan’s way of expressing his or her feelings and sentiments. And, what better way to air out your remark than by sharing it with your friends and your closest mates who love the same sport as you do?

There are plenty of applications available on the Google Play Store with sports-oriented themes like tracking scores or giving you the freshest news, but one way to fully enjoy the sport that you love is by airing out your opinions to thousands or millions of people online right as the game unfolds.

Inject a little bit of social networking and you have SportsYapper, a real-time communication tool that connects every sports fan from around the world. Initially launched as an exclusive iOS application, SportsYapper is now making the rounds in Android world. Catering to almost all global sports and teams, the app features real-time conversations with fans of any sport.

In order for SportsYapper to work properly, you need to authorize the application by letting it access your Facebook ID. As soon as you are logged in, you will see a welcome screen split into four tabs, namely, All Yapps, Teams, Game On!, and Alerts.

At the top-right corner of the app’s screen is a white message icon that lets users start a new Yapp. For this to work effectively, select what sport you would like say something about, choose your favorite team, and compose your message. Once you are done, simply tap the Yapp! button and wait for other sports fans to hop on the bandwagon and join the discussion.

The All Yapp tab found on the main app’s screen features your personal and worldwide Yapps. You can either join any of the discussions by just tapping the title or create your own by starting a new Yapp. SportsYapper also lets users filter Yapps that only relate to their specific likes or choices. This feature is especially handy as it narrows down your selection.

The Teams tab, on the other hand, lets you select your favorite sports teams and at the same time allows you to keep a close watch on any Yapp discussion about your favorite team. The Alert Tab, as the name suggests, alerts you on the activities on the SportsYapper network that involves discussions you have made.

If you happen to be watching a live game alone, tap the Game On! Tab and stay connected with other sports aficionados from all over the world. Provided there’s a live sports event happening right now, you can instantly create a brand new Yapp that lasts for five hours, good enough for the entire duration of a game. Another useful feature that is worth mentioning is the customizable push notifications.

Just like its iOS counterpart, SportsYapper for Android still has all the elements that every sports fan needs. Download SportsYapper absolutely free from the Google Play Store.