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SportsManias: Sports News Feed - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is SportsManias Sports News Feed. With this Bleacher alternative you can get videos, tweets, and articles about your favorite sports and teams. Check it out!
July 27, 2014

What is SportsManias?

SportsManias is a newer sports application that aims to bring you up-to-the-minute news on your favorite sports and favorite sports teams. It does this by letting you select your favorite teams when you first open the application and after you create an account using your favorite social media site. From there you’ll get a news feed, a video feed, a tweet feed, and a rumors feed.

The app is laid out in a manner that is mostly in accordance to the Android design guidelines. Each tab is swipe-able and the settings menu is a slide-out hamburger menu from the left side. That means people shouldn’t have any trouble navigating the application. It’s also fairly smooth and we didn’t have any issues getting to where we needed to go.

Other than the main features, there isn’t much to the app. You can get notifications on game or match starts as well as updates for each period/quarter/inning/etc if you prefer. Otherwise, it’s essentially a giant news dump but you get to control which news gets dumped to you.

We did experience a few problems with the application. The account sign-in using social media was a bit buggy. SportsManias crashed twice trying to sign into Google+ before it finally worked. Also, the built-in browser doesn’t allow the re-sizing of pages or text to fit the screen which was incredibly obnoxious. We hope that gets fixed in later updates.

All in all, this is a sports application with a lot of potential. It’s aiming to be a Bleacher Report competitor and for right now Bleacher Report simply has the more stable application. However, we’d check back in a few months once SportsManias has fixed the few issues they have because it could become a contender very quickly.