Sports aficionados who just can’t get enough of their favorite sport will never have to worry again as Sports Republic is here to save their day. Sports Republic is one of the best sports news aggregators for Android devices. Specifically targeted for die-hard sports fans, this powerful application is rich in sports content that will surely complement anyone’s lust for real-time updates.

Sports Republic fetches all the latest content from acclaimed news providers namely AFP, F24, Associated Press, Bike Radar, and Sports Vibe, just to name a few. If you happen to dislike a particular news source, don’t you worry because you have the option to choose your favorite content providers.

What makes Sports Republic so effective in delivering the latest news is that the app lets you become your very own sports news editor. You can build their own personal news channels and will automatically be alerted on various sports topics that are of interest.

To help you build your very own personal news homescreen, the app provides you with a total of three different categories, namely, Hot topics, Featured topics, and Last added.  Each item that you’ve selected with a star will be automatically displayed as a tile on your homescreen and it can also be adjusted to suit your preference.

Unwanted news feeds that aren’t interesting to you can be removed from the homescreen tiles by long-pressing on the selected item. However, the Top Stories, Saved Articles, Moods, and other main tiles cannot be removed.

The star icon found on top helps you determine between a custom tile and main tile. The Top Stories tile, on the other hand, will continuously work in the background, bringing you thumbnails of the freshest news stories from all over the world.

Each tile corresponds to a story and selecting it will expand underlying stories. The main source of each story is then displayed next to the corresponding topic, together with the time when the topic was first published. From this screen, users can explore the various 3D modes that you can fetch more news with.

Heading back to the main menu, you can sort news feeds according to date, mood, or videos. Each story is filled with tons of options. These include reading the entire news story using your favorite news reader application, jumping to relevant news stories by selecting the embedded links, adjusting the app’s font size, sharing articles through using compatible applications, bookmarking a story, launching the TagNav cloud explorer user-interface, or selecting your Mood about the story.

Switching from one news to another can easily be done by swiping sideways. Done reading the latest scoop? Easily move on to the next one. Besides the mentioned photo news widget, the app also offers a couple of widgets that come in compact and large formats. These widgets can be set to display news content from your preferred sources and topics will be automatically be updated.

Sports Republic is free to download absolutely free from the Google Play Store.