Living in a state where there are no professional sports teams and the college football teams are less than impressive, a Bostonian has limited options when Sunday rolls around in New Mexico.

Sport TV NFL App by SportOnNet has literally changed my life when it comes to game days and viewer mobility. Last weekend, I enjoyed a classic Patriots victory displayed on a LCD TV via my Android device and the live streaming capabilities of this app.

How is this possible? When opening Sport TV NFL app, a list of the current games available for live-streaming are presented. An internet browser that supports Adobe Flash plugins (Dolphin Browser HD) is needed for viewing. Once a game is selected, you might see “Link 1” or “Link 2”, these redirects you to the streaming source. You may have to change links until you find one secure enough for viewing. Arriving at the streaming source, there are windows with ads counting down from 30 seconds. Once the ads are revealed, a media player will appear and a connection will be established. Before this point, you may see deterrent messages like “You do not have the proper plug-in” or “download plug-in here”. These can be ignored. If the right connection has been made, you literally do nothing but wait.

I found this app very helpful! This app is completely free from cable providers and NFL subscriptions. The streaming quality is decent and if you don’t mind commercials in foreign languages, the Sport TV NFL app does exactly what it says it does.

Comment for help and screen shots. Do you have a better free live-streaming sports app?

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