The Friday Debate

The flagship reviews and some technical difficulties kept the Friday Debate Podcast from releasing on time – but to be fair, we recorded this on Friday so it still makes sense! Jokes aside, we have Lanh filling in for Andrew this week as we talk about the age-old battle between specifications and user experience. With phones like the Moto E coming along with all of these high profile releases from Samsung and HTC, we talk about whether the general usage experience really needs high end specifications. We also ponder how raw specs drive perception of a phone. And finally, we touch upon the Uh Oh program that was just recently announced by HTC in which users can get a brand new phone when their current One M9 fails or gets damaged.

It’s a pretty packed episode, so make sure you tune into this episode #9 of the FDP!

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Recorded on March 20, 2015 – Hosted and Produced by Joshua Vergara

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