Amazon has more than once bragged with its Kindle Fire and Fire HD sales without revealing actual numbers, but something tells us that at least the 8.9-inch version of the tab is not doing very well. Otherwise, why would it be discounted with a full 50 bucks, no questions asked?

Well, it wouldn’t, but then again you have to ask yourselves – can you afford missing on today’s deal? I think not, because, even if it isn’t the absolute best tablet around, the 8.9-inch Fire HD is more than satisfying at $249, which is how much you’ll pay over the next hours for the 16 GB version with special offers.

To get the discounted tab, you only have to remember one word – FIREHD89. That’s the magic code you have to enter at checkout on Amazon and it also applies for all other 8.9-inch Fire HD versions. The 16 GB model without special offers will thus cost you a mere $264, the 32 GB will be $319 or $344, while the LTE variant will go for between $449 and $564.

The promotion is of course valid while supplies last and for US customers only with a limit of one discount per buyer. Still, not too shabby, if you ask us, so you might want to hurry up and get your order in over at