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Southwest passenger creates Wi-Fi hotspots like “Bomb On Board”

A passenger created a Wi-Fi hotspot named "Bomb on Board."
September 15, 2014
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How stupid can one person be? Let’s find out. Let’s pretend that it is last week. Specifically, it is September 11, 2014. So, what better day to pretend that you have a bomb on an airplane.

A passenger on a Southwest plane at Seattle-Tacoma Airport was detained after creating Wi-Fi hotspot names such as “Southwest – Bomb on Board.” One passenger noted that the name of the hotspot also changed to “the bomb is on this seat” and a name describing the attractiveness of the flight attendants.

The passenger did this before the plane had even taken off so the pilot pulled the airplane off to a side tarmac where police cars surrounded the plane and officers boarded. The plane eventually made its way to Denver but only after the plane was delayed several hours due to the plane having to be searched and the bags re-scanned.