According to, the South Korean Government is aligning itself to ‘ban’ the Android market. Indeed, “Google Inc. may be barred from operating an Android market place in South Korea, if it continues to circulate game contents without approval from the country’s regulating body, government officials said Thursday.”

“If Google does not take any measures, we may block the Android market here,” said Lee Jong-bae, a board official.

This could have far-reaching consequences for the Android OS as a whole within South Korea. It should be noted that Android smartphones have been available in South Korea since the middle of last year so this comes somewhat as a shock. The Android Market now has around 4,400 types of games that have not been rated in the ratings by South Korea Game Rating Board to establish whether or not these games are suitable to be played by children.

As things stand now, the SKGRB (no, really, I did it) have sent a letter to Google Inc. based in South Korea to effectively ask all companies involved to collaborate on this problem. According to the company’s spokeswoman Park Sun-kyung, at the moment Google’s Korea branch is reviewing and processing the letter.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.