I’ve just been tipped off by a source at Radio Shack that the T-Mobile G1 will be available in kiosks in Sam’s Club stores, Costco stores, and at Best Buy. Radio Shack owns the cell phone kiosks that are operated in Sam’s Club stores, but has no affiliation at all with Costco and Best Buy.

The big news, perhaps, is the cost. While I can’t say how much Costco and Best Buy plan to charge for the G1, the Sam’s Club kiosks will be selling it for less than T-Mobile’s $179 price according to a an internal Radio Shack memo – possibly as low as $99.99 according to what I’ve been told of some internal discussions.

I have been told that the devices will be available in these retail stores “in late October”, which could mean October 22nd, the day that T-Mobile will be offering the G1in its own shops in the markets where it offers 3G service. Sam’s Club kiosks will also only be selling the G1 in T-Mobile’s 3G markets – no word on what Costco and Best Buy plan to do.

Darcy LaCouvee
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