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SoundHound app updated to version 5.0, features an even friendlier UI and redesigned homescreen

June 9, 2012
soundhound for android

Although Shazam is probably the first app that comes to mind when talking about music recognition services, SoundHound, its main competitor, has progressed immensely as of late, and is now catching up with the more established Shazam.

SoundHound’s lower price point, friendlier user interface, and regular updates on Android have brought the app a lot of attention over the past year. The app’s popularity should grow even further now that the 5.0 version is live in Google Play.

A “stunning new homescreen layout, gorgeous album art and high-resolution photos of artists, and an even more user-friendly user interface” are the freshly updated app’s strongest points, according to the developers’ official statements. And while it’s customary for every app developer to praise its even most minor update with similar “metaphors”, in this particular case, the improvements and upgrades are really noticeable.

SoundHound’s looks are clearly cooler than ever before, and the UI, which was very friendly from the get-go, is now even better adapted to your needs and desires. Finding music and artists you love is also easier, and you can browse content by filters, like most popular or most tweeted.

The app’s 5.0 version brings a free song stream feature to the table, but currently you can only listen to Linkin Park’s “Burn it Down” new single. However, “new, fresh content will appear regularly”, according to official claims.

Of course, the app’s main purpose and biggest selling point, the ultra-fast music recognition function, is still there. While it hasn’t been upgraded or tweaked, it should still be the main reason to download the free version of SoundHound for Android or purchase the paid one, going for $4.99 over on Google Play.

Aside from updating SoundHound, the app’s developers have also announced a special milestone. According to their claims, there are now 80 million (!) SoundHound registered users on iOS and Android. The number wasn’t broken down for each of the two platforms, but we’re pretty sure that several tens of millions of those users are on Android.

Have you downloaded the newly updated app from Google Play? How does SoundHound look and feel? Is SoundHound really better than Shazam, in your opinion? Drop us a comment below and let us know!