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Free RPG SoulCraft is now available an all Android devices

March 29, 2012

SouldCraft is a fantastic, free-to-play Android role playing game that was, for a long time, only available  on Tegra 3 devices via the TegraZone portal. As many Android gamers have hoped, SoulCraft has now became available (for free) on all Android devices. Currently, the game is in open-beta status, meaning that you can expect changes and updates (locations, character, spells, items and more) every week, most of them being based on user feedback. Speaking of users, the SoulCraft community is very active and fun to interact with, and is about to grow even bigger, as the game gains popularity and its user base extends.

If you are unfamiliar with SoulCraft, you should know that is an epic RPG, developed by indie studio MobileBits, that pitches angels versus demons in real world locations such as New York, Cambodia, or Rome. Set in modern times, the plot is centered around the secret of immortal life, which humans are close to acquire. Mankind’s audacious endeavor forces angels and demons  to react and thus a war of epic proportions erupts. For now, you can take the role of an Angel, but more classes and races, including Demons and Humans, will be available in the future.


As with any self-respecting RPG, you’ll spend most of your time searching for items, learning cool new moves and spells, and, of course, battling the hoards of monsters that were foolish enough to stand in your way. Your path to glory will take you to beautifully-designed settings, from Venice to China.

To conclude, if you liked classic RPG titles, such as Diablo, Soul Calibur or Final Fantasy, you will certainly enjoy SoulCraft. Check out the video bellow and judge for yourself!

You will quickly notice that the graphics of SoulCraft are amazing and that MobileBits has done an amazing job with the game, even if it’s still in beta. Note however that SoulCraft was designed from the ground up to take advantage of Tegra chips, being heavily optimized for Nvidia’s SoCs. So, depending on your device, you may encounter a number of bugs/glitches, and probably a slightly worse performance/appearance than what you see in the video.

If the teaser trailer got you excited, you can download SoulCraft from Google Play and start playing today! If you have a Tegra device, then SoulCraft THD (the optimized version) is the way to go. Happy playing!