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SoShare: So you have photos and videos, so share them on your social network

June 21, 2012

We can find a lot of awesome and useful features on Android phones.  One of the best features available to us is interactivity, especially that of being able to communicate with our friends and family even when we’re away from our computers.

With everyone being addicted to social networking sites such as Facebook, people want to keep the world updated on what they’re doing, where they’re doing it, and whom they’re doing it with. Imagine just how many status updates are made by the second. And, since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, thousands of pictures are being uploaded and shared on Facebook and other social sites by the minute.

Staying true to the phrase, “[show] pictures or it didn’t happen,” people just love viewing others’ pictures and commenting on them. The mobile app developers at Gyre certainly realized that being able to keep everyone updated on important moments through pictures was one of the main things that pulled users to social networking sites like Facebook, and so Gyre created SoShare.

Your friends and family that you’ve shared your files with can leave comments on your files. Easily share your favorite moments, whether they’re a collection of photos or videos.

You can also create custom groups for you and your friends so you can add , access, and manage your files from the SoShare website. Enjoy all these features using SoShare. It’s just like bringing Facebook into your phone without your having to sacrifice the quality of your videos and photos when you share them with the people that matter.

In addition to sharing files with friends in custom groups, you can also share your pictures, videos, or any file you want to share by using your friends’ email addresses. The sharing doesn’t begin and end on your phone–you can add more files using the SoShare website (

Don’t worry about the app’s security, since all your file-sharing activities and file-sharing with your friends on the network can be monitored from the app’s homescreen. You can view the list of shared content in chronological order. You can also view the files that have been shared by your friends.

Comment on your own file by tapping the + button. You can also choose your network connection type (either Wi-Fi or cellular data / mobile data network) by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner on the side pane that houses your SoShare Profile. That way, by restricting syncing only when the phone is on a Wi-Fi network, you won’t incur extra charges on your mobile data plan.

Interacting and sharing files with your friends has never been easier. Don’t miss out on SoShare so you can easily share important moments easily..

Download SoShare for free from the Google Play Store.