With all the attention that the Xperia T is getting, it’s easy to forget that Sony has another two new phones that are craving for the same affection, the Xperia J and Xperia V. Especially for the latter, it seems the hype that surrounds the V has noticeably died down, no thanks to the lack of any official announcement of its release.

With Sony keeping mum, one Swedish online retailer, as reported by Xperia Blog, is helping shed some light on when the Xperia V will become available. It’s not looking particularly good for folks who wanted the phone to arrive yesterday.

Sony’s Xperia V is now up for pre-order on Dustin.se for SEK 4,300 or the equivalent of $656. Here’s the kicker, shipment of the phone won’t start until December 3. We somehow think it’s not the best idea to introduce a phone in late August and only have it available in stores four months later.

Again, although this date hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, the retailer apparently has a good track record.

Another online retailer, which is based in Switzerland, has also put the phone up for sale, with shipment expected to start in the next 2-6 weeks. Still, we’re looking at a possible mid-November release at the latest for the Xperia V.

When’s it going to be, Sony?

Bams Sadewo
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