Sony- which owns Qriocity – has received a bit of flack recently, and primarily for its major guffaw with the PS3 Network. Still, Sony isn’t taking this lying down, and have recently unveiled a new app that, using Qriocity’s music services, offers unlimited music play on virtually any Android device. With the app just hitting the Android Market will you be taking a look? It hopes to provide you – the Android user, with a viable alternative to Google Music, among competing alternatives. Still, there is very little official word from Sony on the matter, and the announcement received very little love in the press, especially considering all the attention and commentary that both Google’s and Apple’s cloud offerings garnered.

Still, the app will provide The app will provide full access to a handsome music catalogue – which boasts access to over 7 million tracks. Not bad, right? Basic users will have access to a personal radio and will be able to stream all of their own tunes, while premium (hint, paid) users will be able to access the entire collection. Thankfully, Qriocity will be offering a 30 day trial for those willing to take the plunge.

Just head on down to the good ‘ol Android Market to give it a try. How do you handle your media? Still downloading, batch uploading to the device itself, or will you be throwing your tracks in the cloud?

Darcy LaCouvee

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